Our History

Textilchemie Borodimos & Sons

1986 – 1997

Founder and Managing Director, Thomas Borodimos, graduated in 1986 with a degree in chemistry from the RWTH Aachen University (RWTH-Aachen).
One year later, he gained a foothold as a sales engineer at Henkel AG & KGaA and acted as sales manager and representative in the Greek market.
After two years of professional experience, Mr. Borodimos decided to join 3V in 1989. An Italian manufacturer of fine chemicals in the field of paper, cosmetics, plastics and water treatment.


The hour of birth of Textilchemie Borodimos GmbH & Co.KG had come. At the age of 39 years, Mr. Borodimos became self-employed and managed to assert himself in the highly competitive textile market through great expertise, perseverance, care and above all entrepreneurial spirit.
Over the years, Borodimos GmbH & Co KG has made a name for itself not only in the national but also in the international market.



This year is marked by a fundamental decision in the history of our company.
In 2009, we decided to cooperate with B.A. Special Chem & Color S.r.l. A big step forward for our company. B.A. Special Chem has always provided us with outstanding and above all unique laboratory support. By combining our two resources, we have achieved a level of quality that hardly any company in Germany can match.


A very special year for Textilchemie Borodimos. The sons Alexandros and Stefanos, declared themselves ready to continue the company. Textilchemie Borodimos not only got two new faces, but also a future.



Since 2019, Textilchemie Borodimos & Sons GmbH & Co KG has been the official partner and Germany-wide sales representative of Everlight Chemical. The task of Textilchemie Borodimos & Sons is to market and sell these products of Everlight Chemical. We want to increase Everlights’ level of awareness nationwide and establish the chemical giant as a quality guarantor.

„In such a resource-intensive industry, respect for the environment is a mandatory requirement. However, Textilchemie Borodimos & Sons is equipped with the necessary tools to meet this challenge now and in the future.“

– CEO, Thomas Borodimos